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The Company

We are a proud company from Switzerland with our headquarters located in Zizers, in the beautiful canton of Graubünden. 

Our philosophy is to combine the best Swiss craftsmanship and quality in products and services, while obtaining maximum customer satisfaction through cooperation and availability.

We are committed to a sustainable way to operate in order to protect our environment and to create a better world for our future. 

Prolab Sports Headquarters


We currently produce and sell goaltending reaction training tools. Everything from administration to product assembly is done in right here in Switzerland by the Prolab Sports team.

We are lucky to call some of the world leading experts in ice hockey our partners. This close work with professional athletes, coaches and teams has a big influence on our research and development, and helps us to develop outstanding products.

Excellent work ethic and trust are our label.



Our goal is to always create a win-win situation with our partners. The focus of every negotiation is on both parties' interests. Our legal team can take care of every documentation necessary.



We offer consultation and mediation for our customers. We have our own advertising system and are able to sell the products directly to customers.


Corporate Culture

At Prolab Sports, we consider ourselves a family. Every employee works under the best conditions available in Switzerland. 

Our Partners​

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