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A goalie's best friend. 
Hand-eye coordination, reaction, tracking, head trajectory, hand positioning, core speed,  and so much more: the Catchball  is a must-have training tool for goaltenders.
The days of chasing around loose tennis balls down the hallway and looking for an adequate wall to bounce them off are over: the Catchball  is designed to maximize reps while being used anywhere.

Join countless professional goalies and fine tune your skills with the Catchball.

the perfect training tool

Reaction Time

Reaction Time

Faster reaction and reflexes

hand eye coordination

Hand Eye Coordination

More precise hand and eye movement

Asset 6.png

Head Trajectory

Using whole head to track

Asset 7.png


Hand positioning and body lean

Spacial Awareness

Spatial Awareness

Visual Tracking

Asset 5.png

Anatomical Activity

Fast twitch muscles and core

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